How To: Mindfulness Blog

How To: Mindfulness Blog

Welcome Teachers!

Here’s what you need to know when using this blog:

  • New posts are updated every week or so, with content for you to use in your classroom and beyond.
  • You can choose to read through the posts word for word, like a script, or explain them in a way that you think best conveys the lesson to your students. They are developmentally tailored, but can certainly be modified further for specific age groups.
  • Practices will be best understood if you begin from the earliest post: Balloon Breathing, and work your way through to the most current. Feel free to pick and choose as you see fit, just keep in mind that there may be references to past posts that pop up.
  • Keep an eye out for series, or grouped practices, that build off of each other and are meant to be followed in sequential order.
  • At the end of each post are a teacher tip and a student tip. The tips give you a sense of what the lesson is targeting (i.e. cultivating a sense of calm or compassion), and can help you choose your mindfulness activity for the day.
  • We highly recommend practicing each exercise on your own to experience it first-hand before teaching to others. See our post Mindful Teachers: Three Key Tips

Our goal is to provide you with tools that can be applied in the classroom in order to cultivate a greater sense of mindfulness for both you and your students. If you have additional questions, let us know how we can help through our Contact Us page.


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