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Balloon Breathing

10013-a-hot-air-balloon-in-a-blue-sky-pvFind a comfortable seat on the floor or in a chair. Make your back really tall, like someone was going to check to see if you grew any taller today. Reach your head up high like you are trying to make it touch the ceiling.

Begin to notice your breath. Are you taking big breaths or little breaths? If you are taking little breaths, start to make them bigger ones. Follow your breath as the air goes into your nose, down your throat, and all the way into your belly. Let that breath fill up your belly like a big balloon! When you are ready to let that breath out, pull your belly button in towards your back to squeeze all the air out. See if you can make your breath go out exactly the same way it went in. Starting in your balloon belly this time and pushing it all the way back up your throat and out of your nose.

Now, as you fill up your balloon belly, open your arms really wide so that you are making your whole body fill up like a balloon. Imagine you are filling up with so much air that you could almost fly like a balloon. As your belly fills, move your heart up as you let your head tilt back, looking up to the sky. You can imagine yourself floating up into the clouds. When you are ready to exhale, bring your arms back to your body and give yourself a nice big hug, rounding your back as you curl into a little ball.

Keep breathing like this: making yourself as big as you can on the inhale, and as small as you can on the exhale.

Teachers note: The most important part of balloon breath is to open up the chest on the inhale and curl up on the exhale. Balloon breath is a great way to start the day, as it is energizing and relieves tension in the shoulders that can make breath short.