Mindful Coloring Series

Mindful Coloring Series

We are about to embark on a colorful series called Mindful Coloring. Mindful Coloring helps us get into a space of Mindfulness so that we can notice what is going on in our minds, bodies and emotions as we color. Mindful coloring is a great way to bring your attention back in, and also to express yourself through the colors and art you create. There is no judgment in Mindful Coloring: whatever you produce is a perfect expression of you!

The Mindful Coloring Series includes:15958612933_25e9c6f45b_o (2)

  1. Mindful Free Expression Coloring
  2. Mindful Mandala Coloring
  3. Create your own Mindful Mandala

The supplies you will need for these practices are:

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Access to a printer (part II will need to be printed out- it is one page for each student)
  • Calming music (optional)

Expect to set aside 10 minutes for each practice. If you have time, 15 minutes is even better for the last two. Stay tuned for Mindful Coloring: Part I next week!

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