Mindful Mandala Coloring

For this practice, you’ll need:

Last week we practiced Mindful Free Expression Coloring. Mindful Mandala Coloring takes some of the tools you learned in Mindful Free Expression Coloring and uses them in a little bit of a different way. You might remember that as you colored last time, you were asked to let go of worries about how your coloring looked, and even to let go of any goals for what your coloring might end up looking like. Mindful Mandala Coloring uses those same guidelines, but this time in the shape of a Mindful Mandala.

A Mindful Mandala is a pattern that you can color or draw to train your mind to be more still and focused. It is also a great way to express whatever is going on inside your mind or feelings through the colors and shapes of the Mindful Mandala.

Mindful Mandala Coloring is a very simple practice. All you have to do is pick out a few colors (or your teacher will give them to you) and give all of your attention to coloring the Mindful Mandala in front of you. If you notice your mind wandering to something else, just bring your attention back to the Mindful Mandala that you are Mandala_monte_verita-1coloring.

While you color: notice how it feels to color; notice how your colored pencil or crayon moves along the paper; notice how the Mindful Mandala changes with your coloring and attention.

Teacher: allow 5-10 minutes to color the Mindful Mandala. Let students know when they have 2 minutes left.

At the end of the practice, ask students to write a sentence about their experience with Mindful Mandala Coloring. After students are done writing, ask a handful to share with the class. If students aren’t at a writing level, then they can just share out loud.

Teacher’s tip: it is optional to play some quiet and relaxing music in the background.

Student’s tip: you can practice Mindful Mandala Coloring any time you’d like. All you need is a paper, pencil and a Mindful Mandala Coloring page. If you don’t have access to a printer at home, ask your teacher if you can print one at the library. Otherwise hang tight until next week, when we will learn about Creating your own Mindful Mandalas.



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