Maintaining a Mindful Inner Landscape

Maintaining a Mindful Inner Landscape

Materials needed:

  • Inner garden drawing
  • Writing utensil

Last time we talked about how what a Mindful Inner Landscape is, and how it is created through what we take in. You all got to imagine what the inner garden of your Mindful Inner Landscape looks like, and we’re sure it was absolutely beautiful!

Now that you have a vision of what you’d like your inner garden to look like, its time to learn how to keep it healthy so it can grow into your Mindful Inner Landscape. Since the things you take in add to your inner garden, what kinds of things do you think would be good nourishment, or food for it?

We have already learned about many of these things in past mindfulness practices. You might remember some or all of them, but here are some examGreen watering can pouring waterples:

  • Mindful Eating
  • The Practice Acts of Kindness series
  • The Mindful Mornings series
  • The Mindful Body series

You have been building up a toolbox of Mindfulness practices, and now you get to choose some that you’d like to practice to Maintain a Mindful Inner Landscape.

If you still have your inner garden drawing, you can turn it over to write down three Mindfulness practices that you think would be good nourishment, or food, for your inner garden. These can be a reminder of what to practice to Maintain your Mindful Inner Landscape, and that when you practice, you are helping your inner garden stay healthy.


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