Creating a Mindful Outer Landscape

Creating a Mindful Outer Landscape

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensil (Colored Pencils, Crayons, Markers)

The first step toward creating a Mindful Outer Landscape is something we’ve already been working on: Creating and Maintaining a Mindful Inner Landscape. The more your Mindful Inner Landscape is taken care of and Maintained, the more it will help your Mindful Outer Landscape grow peaceful and strong too!

  1. Remember some of the practices we mentioned last time to Maintain your Mindful Inner Landscape? Continuing to practice those, and other similar Mindfulness activities is step one of Creating a Mindful Outer Landscape. Have you ever heard someone say that “It’s what’s inside that counts?” Well, that is how we make it count on the outside, through practice.
  2. Step two is taking a look at what is going on around you. What does your room look like? What are your friends like? What kind of music do you listen to? How do you get along with your family?
    1. These are just a few examples of things that are part of our Outer Landscape.

Today’s practice is to take inventory of our Outer Landscape, so that we have an idea of how to make it more Mindful.

  1. First think about what your Outer Landscape looks like now. You can use the examples I gave you of your room, friends, music, and family to get started if that helps.
  2. Next imagine what your Mindful Outer Landscape would look like. Think about the practices we’ve been learning, and what they promote. Most of them talk about self-care, eating healthy, treating your mind and body well, and treating others well too. Does your Outer Landscape look like this now? It’s okay if it doesn’t, because that is our practice today!
  3. Now go ahead and either draw or write down what your Mindful Outer Landscape would look like.

Now that you’ve created your beautiful Mindful Outer Landscape, we are ready to learn how to Maintain it! Stay tuned for tips next week!

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