Maintaining a Mindful Outer Landscape: Your Physical Environment

Maintaining a Mindful Outer Landscape: Your Physical Environment

Materials Needed:

  • Mindful Outer Landscape drawing from last week (or small piece of paper)
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or other writing utensils

Last week we got to dream up our Mindful Outer Landscapes. This week we’re going to start learning to how maintain them!

As we learned before, what is around you becomes a part of you. This means people, places, and things. Today we are going to focus on WHAT is around us, from the things perspective. These things make up our Physical Environment, or the space around us. We can pick them up with our hands and move them around to make our Mindful Outer Landscape even more supportive and reflective of our Mindful Inner Landscape.

For starters. Close your eyes and imagine what your room looks like. Your room is a very special place because it is the first thing you see in when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you see when you go to bed at night. Notice what you might see in your room right now: is it clean, messy, bright, dark? Think about this, and create a picture of what your room is like right now.

Then think about whether your room as it is now helps to Maintain your Mindful Outer Landscape, or if it might not be helping so much. Odds are, there may be something that might not be helping to Maintain our Mindful Outer Landscapes in our Physical Environment. Notice what that might be, and think if there is something simple you can do to change that.

  • If your room is dark: is there a was to get more light in?
  • If it is REALLY messy: is there a way to organize it a little better so you know where things are?
  • If it isn’t super cozy: can you make a Rest Nest with some pillows and a blanket (with parent permission) to practice Mindfulness or relax in?
  • If there’s no space to be creative: can you make a crafts or coloring corner? Maybe it can be your Rest Nest too!
  • If you share a room, maybe you can team up with your room mate to see what you can do together!

When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes, and write or draw an idea on the back of your Mindful Outer Landscape drawing from last week for how you can your Physical Environment better Maintain your Mindful Outer Landscape. If you don’t have your drawing still, any piece of paper will do. Your challenge for the week is to talk to your parents or guardians about trying it out!

Stay tuned for more tips to Maintain your Mindful Outer Landscape next week!

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