3 x 3 Mindfulness Challenge

3 x 3 Mindfulness Challenge

It all starts with something small.

As we learned before, you have the power to create a Mindful Inner and Outer Landscape through your Mindfulness practices. The 3 x 3 Mindfulness Challenge helps us Maintain our Mindful Inner and Outer Landscape by practicing 3 minutes a day for 3 days in a row!

Some day we want to be able to practice every single day. Just like a garden needs sunshine to grow, your Mindful Inner and Outer Landscape needs practice to keep growing beautifully too! Since most things don’t grow all at once, we’re going to start small then work our way up.

There will be one 3 minute, 3 day challenge each week for 3 weeks: Body, Breath, Mind. They are meant to be practiced in order, and one per week so you become a Mindful expert with each one.

How can you prepare? It might be helpful to find a  calendar, or make your own to note each time you complete a day of the 3 x 3 Mindfulness Challenge. You can use stickers, colors, draw a star, or anything else that makes you happy to show that you practiced. If possible, hang it up somewhere you see all the time so it can be a reminder to practice!

Stay tuned for next week’s challenge!

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