3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Breath

3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Breath

It all starts with something small.

This week’s 3 x3 Mindfulness Challenge is Belly Breathing. Practice Belly Breathing for 3 Minutes a day, 3 days in a row! Below is a refresher of the practice. The full length practice is also available from previous posts.

10 step guide to Belly Breathing:

  1. Find a comfortable seat (or lie down on your back)
  2. Set a timer on your phone for 3 minutes with a relaxing sound to bring you back
  3. Bring one hand to your belly, the other hand to your heart
  4. Close your eyes and begin to notice the path of your breath
  5. Notice as air goes into your nose, travels down your throat and fills up your belly on the in-breath
  6. Notice as your belly falls back toward your spine and the air travels up through your throat and out of your nose on the out-breath
  7. Repeat this until your timer goes off: if you are on an in-breath when 3 minutes is up, take time to end on an out-breath so you are balanced
  8. Keep your eyes closed and just notice how you feel. Is it any different from when you started the practice?
  9. Gently blink your eyes open
  10. Great job!

See if you can make it to 3 days in a row! If you miss a day, don’t worry, just start again the next day!

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