3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Mind

3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Mind

It all starts with something small.

We began with a Mindfulness Challenge to start a small practice: three minutes a day, three days in a row. Take a moment here to congratulate yourself for your hard work and to think about how it was to take time to practice each Challenge, or even just to try practicing each Challenge. Small things can become really big, and it is definitely really big that you made it to this last week!

Now we’re at the third and final part of the Mindfulness Challenge. Each practice before has built a stepping stone to arrive where you are now. First Body, then Breath, and this week our Mindfulness Challenge will work with the Mind.

Our practice today is to find a Peaceful Place in the Mind. You can think of this like building a Rest Nest for yourself inside your head. So whenever you want to quiet down, press the pause button, or let go of some stress, you have a space that’s always there for you wherever you go.

Finding a Peaceful Place in the Mind:

  1. Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes.
  2. Notice how your body feels in your seated posture. See if you can soften your muscles here, just like in your Flower Petals Body Scan.
  3. Now notice your breath, and see if you can use your Belly Breathing practice to make your breath big and full.
  4. We’re ready to turn our attention to the Mind. Notice what’s going on in your mind right now. Are you thinking about something that happened or might happen? Is the mind off in a daydream?
  5. Wherever your mind is, gently bring it back to this moment, right here and now.
  6. Begin to imagine your favorite, most Peaceful Place. If you’ve already created a Rest Nest in your home or have one at school, maybe you imagine that Rest Nest. Maybe you have a favorite spot at the park, or some place you’ve gone with your family that was very peaceful for you.
  7. Focus in on one Peaceful Place, and begin to notice as many things as you can about it. If it’s your Rest Nest, then maybe notice if there are pillows or blankets, and what color they are. If it’s outside, notice if there are birds or trees, and how they sound and look.
  8. Begin to make this image of your Peaceful Place as clear as possible in your mind.
  9. Imagine that with each Belly Breath, your Peaceful Place becomes more and more clear.
  10. Take another ten breaths here, then slowly make your way out of your Peaceful Place and back into the room around you as you blink your eyes open.

Take a few moments here to reflect on your Peaceful Place. It can be really nice to draw it out or journal about it to help you remember for the next time you practice.

Remember, the Challenge is to practice 3 minutes a day, 3 days in a row! If you miss a day, don’t worry, just start again the next day. Good job and good luck!

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