3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Reflection

3×3 Mindfulness Challenge: Reflection

This week’s practice is to reflect on the Mindfulness Challenge you just completed. It’s not easy to commit to something, especially your practice. You’ve now gotten an idea of what is is like to practice Mindfulness on almost half the days of the week, WOW! What a great accomplishment that is all by itself!

After accomplishing something, it is important to take time to reflect, or look back, on that accomplishment. This is how we can learn the most from our experiences. If you’re wondering how to reflect, wonder no more, because the it is broken down for you in 5 easy steps.

It’s ok if you missed some days, or had to start a practice over, just answer the best you can. And…go!

  1. What did I like most about practicing the 3×3 Mindfulness Challenge?
  2. What was hardest about practicing the 3×3 Mindfulness Challenge?
  3. What was it like making the challenge a regular part of my day?
    1. Was it easy to make time? Was it hard?
  4. How did I feel after I practiced?
  5. What advice would I give to myself for next time?

Of course there are always more questions to ask, but this is a good start and a good place to come back if you feel either stuck, or like you’re reaching a new level in your practice!

Practice Tip: Feel free to keep practicing any or all of the Mindfulness Challenges this week. Stay tuned next week to see how we’ll use our skills from this Challenge next!

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