Mindfulness Challenge: Combo Pack

Mindfulness Challenge: Combo Pack

Congrats on making it through the three parts of the 3×3 Mindfulness Challenge and Reflection! Now that you have begun to build your skill of regular practice, and reflection, it’s time to test out your Mindfulness Skills even more for this next part of the practice series.

The Mindfulness Challenge: Combo Pack puts together all 3 practices from the Challenge to make one big one. For this Challenge, you will practice your Flower Petals Body Scan, Belly Breathing, and Finding a Peaceful Place in the Mind. The main difference this time is that you will put them all together to make a longer practice. It is okay if each one doesn’t take exactly three minutes. Start by setting a timer for 9 minutes, and if it is too long, try 6 minutes.

Step 1: Practice the Flower Petals Body Scan. Once you finish the scan, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Practice 9 rounds of deep Belly Breathing.

Step 3: Practice Finding a Peaceful Place in the Mind until your timer rings.

The Combo Pack challenge is to practice all three steps together three days in a row. You already did this before with the shorter Challenge, so we know you’re ready to give it a try!

Once you finish each practice, OR at the end of the third day, use your new reflection skills to notice how you feel. You can go back to the reflection practice to find questions to help you reflect.

Good Luck!

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