Mindful Time Tracking: Part III

Mindful Time Tracking: Part III

Last week you reflected on what worked and what didn’t work so well from your Mindful Time Tracking practice. You then took one or more practices and kept using them this week to see how it went. Take a moment to notice how your second week of Mindful Time Tracking went. Did it go better or worse than last week? Maybe it was better because you got to choose what worked best for you. Maybe it was worse because it was annoying to write things down. Remember, it gets easier with practice- so we will keep practicing!

This week we’re going to practice using our Mindful Time Tracking skills by adding something to our schedules. The practice this week is to try Belly Breathing or a Flower Petals Body Scan from our recent 3×3 Mindfulness Challenge just one time. This is a way to build in time for  your Mindfulness practice by putting it on your Mindful Time Tracker (schedule). This will also help you practice your Mindful Time Tracking skills of writing the reminder down and remembering to look at it.

So go ahead and choose either Belly Breathing or Flower Petals Body Scan to practice this week. Pick a day and time where you don’t have anything else scheduled, and write down “Practice Flower Petals Body Scan” or “Practice Belly Breathing.”

Use the tools that worked best these last two weeks to help you remember to practice, and to check your schedule in the first place!

We’ll check in next week to see how it went. You’re going to do great.