Mindful Time Tracking: Putting it all Together

Mindful Time Tracking: Putting it all Together

Welcome back Mindful Time Trackers. These last weeks have been an adventure of testing out new ways of going about your week or even your day, and also of noticing how these make you feel. What a journey it has been.

If you’ve been following along, you have done a lot of hard work. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and acknowledge, or see, that you accomplished something big. It takes a lot of dedication to make any kind of change in your day to day life.

This week is about noticing how awesome you’ve done, and about noticing how organizing your time differently (or at all) may have made you feel. Take a few moments to just sit and think about this, or make a drawing, poem, anything that you think expresses that.

Now take a moment to notice how it was to make Mindfulness part of your schedule, or something that you have planned in as a regular part of your life. Was it easier to practice that way? Was it harder? How did you feel after you practiced? If you didn’t practice, think of what would have made you want to practice more.

With all of the reflection and Mindful Time Tracking you’ve practiced, you are ready to keep Time Tracking on your own! If you feel like you need a refresher, just start back at the first Mindful Time Tracking Practice, or the one that was most difficult for you until you feel ready to take the next step.

Student Tip: The ongoing challenge is to schedule one Mindfulness practice in your planner, calendar, or phone reminders every week! You can write it all out at once if you’d like, or test your planning skills to add it each week when you plan out your schedule.

Teacher’s Tip: It might be helpful to demonstrate adding an ongoing event to a calendar, planner, or phone reminder system so the kids have a visual understanding.

Remember we become Mindful experts by practicing. Good luck Mindful Time Trackers! You’re going to do great.