Practice Acts of Kindness: Parents and Family

Practice Acts of Kindness: Parents and Family

You don’t need anything to practice this activity other than your big kind heart!

Our Practice Acts of Kindness today will be to give a nice big hug of kindness to your mom, dad, or other close family member. If you already hug one of your parents or family members a lot, try giving a hug to someone in your family nearby that you normally wouldn’t hug, like your brother or sister, cousin, aunts or uncles, or maybe your grandparents. If you know the person really doesn’t want a hug, think of someone else to give your hug of kindness to. The only other rule with the hug of kindness is to give it with a nice big smile!

A bonus option when giving this person a hug of kindness is to say something nice about them, just like we have been practicing with notes at school. This can be as simple as “I love you mom or dad!” or “your make the best cookies!” If you do this, take a Free hugsmoment to think about one thing that you really like about the person you are hugging.

Teacher’s tip: If certain students have concerns about giving hugs (for any family reasons) then suggest they just say something nice about the person (to the person)!

Student’s tip: Maybe you can practice giving one hug of kindness to a new family member each day. You could even give hugs of kindness to many family members every day. Saying something nice about the person is always an bonus option too! If you love giving hugs of kindness, you can start giving them to your friends too! Just make sure you know the person before giving a hug!