Practice Acts of Kindness: Yourself

Practice Acts of Kindness: Yourself

There are many ways to Practice Acts of Kindness to Your Self. But before we get started, you might ask, why do I need to practice it myself anyhow? Just like any mindfulness practice, the MOST important thing to remember is that we must practice ourselves so that we can share it. If you want to be in a space to share Acts of Kindness with others, you must first be kind to your self.

Now, lets talk about some simple ways to Practice Acts of Kindness to Your Self. Some of them are very similar to ones we practiced with other5712669523_383115ff9d_os, and they are listed here:

  1. Write yourself a kind post-it note and put it on a mirror you see in the mornings.
    1. Read the post it note out loud to your self as a bonus!
    2. An extra bonus: smile at yourself in the mirror while you say it.
  2. Give yourself a huge hug first thing when you wake up. Just because you’re so awesome!

Student’s Tip: Feel free to journal about how Practicing Acts of Kindness to Your Self made you feel. These are great practices to do every single day!

Teacher’s Tip: You may want to hold space for in-class sharing or writing reflection on the practice the following day to deepen student reflection!

Practice Acts of Kindness: Parents and Family

Practice Acts of Kindness: Parents and Family

You don’t need anything to practice this activity other than your big kind heart!

Our Practice Acts of Kindness today will be to give a nice big hug of kindness to your mom, dad, or other close family member. If you already hug one of your parents or family members a lot, try giving a hug to someone in your family nearby that you normally wouldn’t hug, like your brother or sister, cousin, aunts or uncles, or maybe your grandparents. If you know the person really doesn’t want a hug, think of someone else to give your hug of kindness to. The only other rule with the hug of kindness is to give it with a nice big smile!

A bonus option when giving this person a hug of kindness is to say something nice about them, just like we have been practicing with notes at school. This can be as simple as “I love you mom or dad!” or “your make the best cookies!” If you do this, take a Free hugsmoment to think about one thing that you really like about the person you are hugging.

Teacher’s tip: If certain students have concerns about giving hugs (for any family reasons) then suggest they just say something nice about the person (to the person)!

Student’s tip: Maybe you can practice giving one hug of kindness to a new family member each day. You could even give hugs of kindness to many family members every day. Saying something nice about the person is always an bonus option too! If you love giving hugs of kindness, you can start giving them to your friends too! Just make sure you know the person before giving a hug!

Practice Acts of Kindness Series: Classmates

Practice Acts of Kindness Series: Classmates

For this practice, you will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A writing tool

Teachers: to prepare for the lesson, you might match students up to a student they normally don’t talk to for Practicing Acts of Kindness.

Practicing Acts of Kindness means that we are mindfully taking the time to be kind to another person. This week’s Practicing Acts of Kindness focus is on classmates. A lot of the time we have friends in class we like to hang out with and talk to, but the classmates we focus on in this practice are the ones you don’t know as well or might not ever talk to.

It can definitely be scary to talk or do something for someone you don’t know very well. We are all in this together! Take a moment to be mindful of what thoughts or feelings come up for you when you think of the practice. Once you notice some thoughts or feelings, go ahead and write them down or draw them (teacher can cue depending on developmental appropriateness).

[Optional] Teachers: you might ask students to submit feelings anonymously and have them close their eyes to vote on whether they agree by raising their hands. This practice can help diffuse some anxiety.

To Practice Acts of Kindness today, we will write a note of kindness to the classmate who we are matched with, or draw a kind picture for them. The note or drawing should say something nice about your classmate. It can be big or small, as long as it comes from your heartletters-772504_960_720 and is kind!

Take 5 minutes to write your short note of kindness or make a kind drawing. Be sure to write the name of your classmate somewhere on it. When you finish, wait for your teacher to give you instructions.

Teachers: after 5 minutes, direct students to exchange notes with their matched classmate.

After you exchange your note of kindness, take another mindful moment to notice how you feel after Practicing Acts of Kindness. Today you also got to receive Acts of Kindness! Write down how you feel, and share with your teacher and classmates if it feels okay to you!

Teacher’s Tip: If this practice resonates with you and your students, you can make Practicing Acts of Kindness a regular classroom activity. It is a great way to bring the classroom together and give students the opportunity to communicate with classmates outside of their friend group.

Student’s Tip: You can practice acts of kindness with your classmates as much as you’d like! Notes and drawings outside of class time are a great way to practice. You can also tell your classmates kind things and save paper! The sky is the limit with ways to Practice Acts of Kindness. It can be as simple as giving someone a nice big smile!

Practice Acts of Kindness Series: Introduction

Practice Acts of Kindness Series: Introduction


This next series is meant to inspire us to Practice Acts of Kindness. This series teaches us ways to Practice Acts of Kindness with a new person each week, so that we can become experts in being kind. Each practice is meant to be very simple, and can be practiced by anyone!

Over the next few weeks, we will Practice Acts of Kindness with:

  1. Classmates
  2. Teachers
  3. Parents & Family
  4. Yourself!

When we Practice Acts of Kindness, we create something called a Ripple Effect. This means that when we are kind, others might be inspired to be kind too! We all have the power to share kindness, and the most important step is through practice!

Kindness is something that you can practice every day in every way, just like Mindfulness! Just like we are learning to be Mindful, we are also learning to be Kind. When we practice a lot, it becomes a natural part of who we are.

Through this series you will learn simple ways to be kind, and have opportunities to practice it! We look forward to making ripples of kindness with you!

Teachers: Random Acts of Kindness supplies free K-12 lesson plans if you are looking to take your teaching of kindness even further!