Five Senses of Fall

Five Senses of Fall

Hello Mindful Readers! This week’s focus is the Five Senses of Fall. Last week was the Fall Equinox- the first sign that days won’t be quite as long as summer time, and that the season has changed.

This week’s practice will be a reflection on Fall, and what that means to you using our Five Senses.

1. Sight- What do you see that lets you know it is Fall?
2. Sound- What kinds of sounds might you hear during Fall?
3. Taste- What kinds of tastes make you think of Fall?
4. Smell- What kinds of smells remind you of Fall?
5. Touch- What might you touch, or stomp on in the Fall?

Student tip: If you’re feeling creative, make a collage with magazine pictures, or photos you print off the computer (with your parent or guardian’s permission). A drawing is also a great idea. You can even ask if it’s okay to take your own photos of what reminds you of fall for each sense and make a collage with those photos. The sky is the limit. Use your awesome creative skills!

Teacher’s tip: Engage the students to perhaps imagine they are actually working through each experience with their five senses. Ex. Tell me what you see outside that reminds you of Fall. Tell me what a pumpkin pie is like that reminds you of Fall flavors. For more creative students, you might support them in making a collage, or figuring out what to take photos of that best represents their Five Senses of Fall.

Mindful Welcome of the Seasons: Summer

Mindful Welcome of the Seasons: Summer

This week’s practice is a Mindful Welcome to the new season: summer! This practice is about using your Mindfulness skills to notice and welcome the transition from spring to summer. When seasons change, there are usually some changes that we can notice more easily than others. What do you think some of the easier changes to notice are from spring to summer?

(Give pause for answers)

You might have said something like: No school! It’s hot! Or it stays light out longer! There are also some changes in the summer that we might not notice as easily at first thought. These include some changes that happen because of the bigger differences you noticed, like the different foods we eat in the summer, the kinds of sports we play, the friends or family we get to see, and maybe even trips we go on.

Summer is normally seen as a time full of opportunity, warmth, and relaxation. Today we’re going to meditate on the new season and give it a nice warm welcome!

Begin by closing your eyes and noticing your body and your breath. See if you can feel your feet root down on the ground and your head reach up to the sky. Maybe imagine that your feet are touching warm summer sand on a beach, or warm dirt in a garden, and that your head is reaching up into the sunny summer sky. Begin to slow your breath down and imagine that with each in-breath, the sun shines a little brighter on your skin, and on the out-breath you let it’s warmth wash over you. Breathe in through your nose to take in the sunshine, breathe out through your nose to spread the sunshine all through your body.

Take another ten breaths like this. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes.

Welcome, summer!